Other Mathrek Systems Services

Mathtrek Systems provides consulting services in the areas of:

  • software development, with emphasis on Visual Basic, FORTRAN, C++, and MSWindows
  • thermodynamics, both macroscopic and molecular-based
  • theoretical aspects of problems in chemistry, physics, and engineering
  • mathematical and statistical modeling and simulation
  • computer hardware and software, configuration, and installation
  • Web page development

Recent projects have included:

  • Customized thermochemical software for calculation of high-temperature plasma properties, for integration into a complex CFD simulation
  • Unix-based software for environmental modeling for a large US-based chemical company
  • PC software for statistical and quality control analysis for a large US-based milling company
  • Numerous brief consultations to industrial clients involving:
    • thermodynamics (equations of state, fluid phase equilibria, thermochemical data)
    • heat and mass transfer modeling
    • chemical kinetics modeling
    • molecular-based models in chemical engineering (statistical mechanics)
    • mathematical and statistical problems (differential equations, nonlinear regression, nonlinear optimization, Laplace transforms, numerical analysis)

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